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I'm Still Here

The Incredible True Story of Love, Loss and Life After Death
Creepy Bridge

This is the story about one woman’s journey of discovery, to find the answer to the greatest question of all time: What happens to us when we die?

After years and years of adversity, she met her boyfriend Dave, and felt like she had been given a second chance at love. She was completely blindsided when he committed suicide, one week before Christmas in 2017.

She was cleaning up in the kitchen one day, where Long Island Medium was playing in the background. She was completely mesmerized by the show, and decided that she needed to find a psychic medium herself, hoping that she could make those same connections. She desperately wanted to know that Dave was okay on the “Other side”; if there really was one.


That is how she came to meet Patricia Monna. She is an Internationally known psychic medium, who has helped law enforcement agencies from around the world, locate missing and murdered persons. Cathy’s experience with her was so amazing, that it completely changed everything that she had ever believed in. There were nearly fifty different validations that she shared with her, which she could never have possibly known. She even told her, that when her grief had passed,there was something much more that she was supposed to be doing. “It’s almost like, you wanted to write a book; now you have the material”.


This is her incredible story.

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